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Industry – Real Estate Development | Arts | Architecture Occupation – Architectural Illustration | Animation | Concept Art | Video production Commercial Website – http://digitart3d.com Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DigitArt3d Email – sales@digitart3d.com Location – Worldwide

Concept Design

Concept design & animation by Marcelo Villabona @ DigitArt3d.com

Crain’s AD

Full Publication (Page 29) – AD Layout & Design by DigitArt3d.com The images below are not photographs. They are realistic illustrations by DigitArt3d.com

Tower concept

A quick speed modeling session of an mixed-use structure…

iPhone speed paintings

Some attempts at concept sketching on an iPhone. Painting on a small screen w/ a fat stylus is so awkward. But it’s so portable, I might keep trying…

Scifi Concept

I really like the genre and hopefully will do more.

Interior Design

This is the current update of the interior design finishes of my ocean-inspired design below ….

Speed paint

This is a quick concept I came up of some sort of tethered blimp. I bagan painting the cliff and background without really knowing where it would lead…

Concept Design

This is my design inspired by waves and sea creatures. It seemed natural to put it up on the mountains over an ocean of snow. Here’s the uncompleted exterior…(completed coming soon) Here’s the early 2d speed paint and model….